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iTunes – Error 5000 and Netware – A Solution

This is a bit of a digression from the norm here, although I haven’t really shown any particular focus on this blog yet, so why start now! I’ve been having an ongoing problem with iTunes and certain apps. When I try to download or update certain iPhone apps with iTunes I get the following error: stopped (err = -5000)

Originally this was only occurring with one app, and since downloading it via the app store on my iPhone worked OK I didn’t let it bother me. However, gradually more apps starting exhibiting the same behaviour. The error dialogue box seems to give a bit more information: There was a problem downloading “Camera+ .. the ultimate photo app”. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

So now I have four iPhone applications, all with the same problem.  They are:

Can you pick the common denominator? All these applications use non standard characters in their file names. Characters that some file systems aren’t going to be happy about.

This all twigged for me after I read the official Apple iTunes troubleshooting guide, it told me to look for the path:  “\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Downloads\” and delete the downloads folder. But this is my work computer, and we remap our home directories to a network drive, and to be specific, to a Novell Netware NSS volume. When I looked there other apps had entries, but these particular apps didn’t, and that’s when I had a hunch.

I tried creating files and folders using those application names. You just can’t do it! You can use those characters in Windows, but not on a Novell volume, even with long filename support etc.

So there you have it, if you are getting that error, and you’re using iTunes at work, have a think about where your downloads are being saved, where your My Documents folder actually resides, and if it’s a network drive it may just be that it’s not accepting these non standard characters.

The solution is to either download using you phone, or move the iTunes download folder to a local Windows drive.

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-10

  • Can you get from Amazon to Piratebay in 6 clicks? No google, no keyboard, just mouse clicks! I just did, I’m pretty impressed with myself 🙂 #
  • Recount! It was 5 clicks, even better than I thought. I’ll post links later today if no one can beat me. 5 clicks from Amazon to PirateBay! #
  • @evilpookie Yeah, but I really wanted an Android phone. #
  • I’ve favourited a YouTube video — The Presets – This Boy’s In Love #

A Trailblazer?

I’ve been using the internet for some time now. In fact I’m not ashamed to say that my first experiences were with Lynx! So I think I have a pretty good handle on finding my way about, and finding what I need.

So when I read a post today on Gizmodo that talked of a competition, where, with no keyboard, no google or bookmarks allowed, participants where challenged to get from one site, to another totally unrelated site my interest was peaked.

At lunchtime when I had a few minutes spare I took up the challenge for myself. The starting site was and the destination I imagined a convoluted journey through a bizarre assortment of sites, but instead found myself at my destination in only a few clicks. I suspect posting that path here may be a bit of a spoiler for anyone wanting to try it out, so why not give it a go yourself before reading on (and then post your results in the comments!)….





Spoiler Below!





Here’s how I did it, each bullet point represents a click.

  1. At Amazon I realised they had a blog, this seemed the most likely source of external links.
  2. The very first article today mentioned an LA Times article, and a newspaper is likely to have a lot of links!
  3. At the LA Times website I quickly headed for the Technology section of the paper.
  4. A handy tag cloud on the site had ‘piracy‘ as a keyword
  5. Here it was just too easy, the final link click that took me directly to was in an article titled “Even Pirate Bay can be downloaded on Pirate Bay. Dated August 17, 2009″

So that’s it, 5 clicks, about 2 minutes of my time. Anyone got another challenge for me?