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I don’t normally write much about current events, if at all. But for those overseas who read my blog, Australia is seeing the worst bushfires ever.

South Australia where I live has been amazingly free from major fires, amazingly because we’ve had one of the longest heatwaves on record combined with our dryest January. But Victoria however is hell on earth and New South Wales is also experiencing terrible fires.

The fires are bigger and more fatal than Ash Wednesday (1983) and Black Friday (1939), over 84 people dead so far and they still haven’t been able to get into towns to look for bodies. The body count is expected to climb a lot higher, it’s expected to exceed 100 dead and severe burns victims aren’t going to survive and they still just can’t find so many people. Entire towns have been wiped out. Over 750 homes so far.

Still dozens of fires burning out of control. It’s all over Victoria, from the Grampians to the NSW border. Not just country areas, but close to the Victorian capital. Melbourne with fires burning just 50kms north in semi-urban areas.

The moon here at night is now ringed with red/yellow rainbows, which I admired last night but it wasn’t until today that I connected it to the fires.

The heatwave has been incredible. We’ve just had a cool change come in last night, but we’re expecting it to climb back to 40 by end of this week again. Actually it’s a bit worrying here as the winds have now picked up a lot, so any fire here would move quickly too.

But in victoria the fires have just blown through towns like a freight train, overtaking people fleeing in cars, there’s images of cars piled up burnt on roads where drivers have had no where left to go and the fires turned back on them as they fled.

The Army is now fighting the fires alongside firefighters and aircraft frm all states. Photos of firefighting helicopters look like toys against the towering flames.

If you want to help, every little bit makes a difference, visit the Red Cross website to donate.

What’s it all about?

Why do we need yet another blog, and who is this Gomisan person anyway?

I’ve been running a variety of websites for some time now, fansites, gaming and technology news, and even live webcam sites including a blog for my aquariums. However I don’t have the time or energy to devote to a Fansite anymore, and the bandwidth costs can get outrageous if the site takes off.  I tried my hand at Gaming and technology news and for a while it was fantastic, I even scored some major scoops and got a few freebies to review, but the work involved in keeping on top of the gaming world is too much for one person, and add Gadgets and tech into the mix and you’re asking for burnout.

That’s what happened really, I burnt out on some fantastic sites that just got too much to handle,  and weren’t bringing in a revenue stream to make them worthwhile. So I turned to specific interest sites, stuff that was near and dear to me and didn’t require the latest news around the clock, just dedication to a single cause. Except when I wasn’t feeling so dedicated to that subject the sites suffered and atrophied.

Now I’m in the mood for something new, but it needs to be broad enough that I can wax lyrical about whatever is on my mind. Sure I may get the occasional piece of tech news, or I may review some nifty gadgets but that’s not all this site will be.
Hopefully, over time the site will take on a definite flavour, and who knows, it may even attract some readership. But I’m making no promises, no guarantees of updates. Just a place I can post stuff of interest to me.  I may rehash some old content from other sites too. Hell I may just point all my domains here. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy what you read here. I hope you find stuff interesting, and maybe even funny. Above all, if you are reading my site, I’d love to hear from you. Comments are welcome, feedback always appreciated.