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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-09

  • I’ve favourited a YouTube video — Jesus Will Survive – Jesus Christ! The Musical #
  • I’ve favourited a YouTube video — Jesus vs terminator #
  • I’ve favourited a YouTube video — Hitler Rap #
  • SHIT! iPhone update has again trashed my phone. Full wipe and restore in progress. #iphoneisshit #
  • Great, fucking iTunes has trashed my iPhone and now says it cant restore it. FUCK! #iphonesarefucked #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-24

  • @_alec_ Yeah I can probably help you out with that no probs, will just have to dump some data off it. #
  • @_alec_ Will have to double check tonight at home #
  • @KateEllisMP Hey Kate, where can a get a couple of those to pin up in the shed? #
  • @monnie Monnie.. Internode are always looking for HotSpots options, check out their website for details. #
  • @KateEllisMP What time is someone at the office until? #
  • @Tarale Thanks for the link, I’m interested in reading that article #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-22

  • @Tarale Hey did you get a photo of me and @Technolisa Friday night? #
  • @Tarale LOL .. I do tend to avoid the camera when it’s not me behind the lens. Be nice if you find any though. #
  • 7:30 report, must be a very special edition to be on at 7pm !! #ausvotes #abc #
  • I should be paying more attention to these guys on #730report but just cant concentrate tonight #
  • @Tarale Thanks. Pity you didnt get one of me and @technolisa 🙁 #
  • Night twitterverse, going to bed and hoping election was all a bad dream. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-20

  • Just been to the dentist, painless fillings, but really hurt my bank balance!! #
  • Does anyone know of a health cover that DOES NOT cover alternative therapies like Naturapathy and Acupuncture?? Why should I pay for these? #
  • I think it’s disgusting that I have to pay a health insurance premium to cover some other idiot’s belief if magic and voodoo. #
  • @monnie My girlfriend may be coming along too, if it’s not too late to RSVP on her behalf. #atub #
  • @Chris_Leese #ATUB is the Adelaide meeting up of Twitterati, read about it here: #
  • If you’re voting below the line tomorrow consider The Secular Party of Australia, The Greens and The Australian Sex party! #ausvotes #
  • Great (if a year old) post on Young Australian Skeptics blog: #
  • @monnie Monnie.. can you clarify what the entry is for? Is #ATUB charging? or is it some other event at same time? #
  • Just realised you can check in on FourSquare tonight at the HWY for a free drink #atub #
  • Bloody #Telstra sent my new HTC Desire to wrong address!!!! More waiting! Not Happy Jan! #
  • I’m at The Highway w/ @monnie @charlierobinson. #
  • @monnie great! See you tomorrow night. #
  • Great band, The Trans Atlantics at The Highway #atub #Adelaide #
  • #atub exit quietly stage left #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-19

  • Taking photos of my eyeball with my iPhone! (and a lens from a DVD drive) #
  • @Bosun_McShiny yep.. will shortly, just gotta move my car 🙂 #
  • My eyeball! Taken with an iPhone 3GS and a lens from a DVD drive. #
  • Hmm the photo looks grainier on Twitpic than it does on my PC 🙁 Will try and get a better lit one later. #
  • @idrewthis A spelling mistake in the first sentence isn’t a good start for the reflexology article! #
  • #Adelaide traffic on Main North Rd at a crawl heading North #
  • Anyone know what the problem is on Main North Rd? #Adelaide #
  • Hardly moving at all 🙁 good thing I have Skeptics Guide podcast to listen to! #
  • Looks like traffic trouble may be near Grand Junction Rd heading north on Main North #Adelaide #
  • @Aanyankah yep still working on it. 2 lanes closed is nuts in peak hour. #
  • traffic trouble #Adelaide #
  • Number 1 factor for me is almost always social policies #myvote #ausvotes but Computers in Schools and NBN are critical issues for me too #
  • oooh storm is hitting in Salisbury! #
  • @monnie who do we RSVP to? I’m hoping to come along to meetup #
  • @eztephen those the woolworths ones? I eat way to many of those! #
  • @monnie great! See you tomorrow night. #