Modern Dystopia


I am a bit of a collector, and DVDs are one of my little money holes. A few years ago I setup a little database to catalogue and track my DVDs, including who I have lent them to.

I’ve just finished moving that database to this site, and was quite relieved to find that something I hadn’t touched in 2 years was so straightforward to update and move. It’s a nifty little bit of code, and I’m sure others will find it useful too. it’s just called DVDDB, by GlobalMegaCorp, hell their name itself makes me want to use it 🙂 Anyway, friends can feel free to join up on my database and list DVDs, borrow DVDs etc.

Now I’m getting a bit organised again in regards to my webs, I will add new DVDs to the database, probably going to put my collection over the 300 mark. The link to the databse is over on the right, near the bottom. or click here.

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